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Herman Mashaba Thinks Opposing Malema's Statement About Foreigners Will Give Him a Lot of Votes

I will never support this nonsense of open borders, as Action SA we want the people of the world to come to South Africa, but they must come here legally, and when here, they must respect our laws!

I will say it again that the enemy in South Africa is not foreigners, the enemy is anyone that so brazenly disrespects the rule of law, including this government and its poor attempts at immigration control.

South Africans, we must NEVER remain silent in the face of the breakdown of the rule of law in our cities, the causalities if we do nothing, or say nothing, will be our poorest residents, as well as law-abiding foreign nationals. I will always welcome foreign nationals, particularly those with skills and investment, but we have to be able to protect the best interest of South Africans and put them first.

Access to our borders cannot be an uncontrolled free-for-all like some are calling for, the project of revitalising our cities and our country requires us to be honest about the population challenges within our cities, and I will not shy away from addressing the challenge that unlawful immigration presents, on the management of cities and the availability of resources ~ Herman Mashaba


No person with a sound mind will say this nonsense. I have never seen a country in the world without borders(will be the first). I wonder if he knows or understand the implications, that means will basically not have security. So how exactly is this Action SA going to control illegal entry. Are they personally going to stand and guard the boaders, do they think there is no one guarding the boarders now ? Even a big country or rather well resourced countries such as USA, failed with these borders I wonder if your family from Mozambique are spared from the border closures ?Your father was illegal immigrants from Mozambique, you must also go back to Mozambique and protect your country of origin. You come to South Africa being a puppet of colonizer to divide us, which shops owned by who? Do we own anything in our country except better slavery, go with your xenophobic behavior, we want our land back not fighting each other as black children

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