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John Steenhiusen Has Undoubtedly Cost the DA a Black Vote

We now know that the DA has "apologized" for awarding the title of "heroes" to the Phoenix vigilante murderers. We can also, without a doubt, conclude that the leader of the DA, John Steenhiusen, has brought the good name of his party into disrepute.

We need to remind ourselves that we are talking about a party that prides itself and has branded itself as the epitome of good governance, the defenders of the constitution, flag bearers of non racialism, and the promoters of the rule of law, among many!

Our history records that this organization is so obsessed with the highest moral standards that, violation of any of it's core values and principles may attract discipline of one form or another. There is no question therefore that John Steenhiusen went against such values and principles. 

Like Mmusi Maimane, will John Steenhiusen be subjected to the same sanction after the elections? If you recall, according to the DA, Mmusi Maimane was punished because his "vision" for the party cost them the "white" vote! In this case, it appears, John Steenhiusen will undoubtedly cost the DA the "black" vote! If, in the most likelihood that this happens, logic tells us that John Steenhiusen will be history after the electionsBut again, one shouldn't forget that such decisions in the DA are made in accordance with it's "theory of dispensability" formula. The dispensability of it's members has "invariably" been dependent on race rather than the gravity of the "crime"! I can easily remember the DA's fired members and they are all NOT white. I just can't remember a name of ANY fired white member. Trollip resigned in solidarity with Mmusi Maimane, if my brain cells are still functional

To the "black" members of the DA, I want to assure you that I do uphold the freedom of association principle. However, that freedom should never be at the cost of your humanity, pride and dignity. You are not just numbers, needed only at times like these. You are human beings deserving respect just as you accord the same to others. You have to be intolerant of racism of any form or shape, sometimes at a cost of your membership. You must never allow yourself to be mere appendages that endorse decisions that will affect your lives. 

Simple logic:

how can so many black leaders be in violation of the rules of your organization and yet you don't find the same about your white comrades! Something has to be wrong here! Confront this anomaly, it is in the best interest of your own dignity. Don't be fearful of being told you are asking a racial question. It is those decisions of indiscriminately firing of black members that appears to be more racist, you must respond! This act serves to liberate you psychologically from the the oppression of those who gave themselves the duty and responsibility of thinking on your behalf! So brazen and arrogant they can be, they will even tell you about the pain of your oppression which is inflicted by them on you

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