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ANC men captured exchanging fists with women after they refused to do this

With the elections coming you the campaigns from all political parties are escalating because at the end of the day everyone wants to win the elections.

However the community has different opinions when it comes to political patties. They may prefer a certain political party to another therefore it can be a problem when the campaigns for the party that they do not like are taking place.

A certain video was leaked which showed ANC members who were clearly distressed in ANC regalia fighting with civilians who seemed to be wearing morning gowns. From the explanations given by people who claimed to have witnessed it the ANC people wanted to do campaign close to the women in the video's house but she was not having it.

As a result the members of the household started throwing away the campaigning tables as well as their papers. This infuriated the ANC members and they started throwing punches. This however did not take the people who saw the video happy.

The fact that it was men against women on itself is wrong considering the country s already go through a huge war of fighting gender based violence.

On top of that the ANC members since they were representing a party and were even wearing its regalia they should have acted in a decent and mature manner. what they did can only give the party a bad name since the videos are now all over the internet. People are hoping that they is a better explanation to all the unnecessary violence displayed by these party members.

Campaigns are not easy because people on the other hand have their way of seeing things. It's easy for civilians to throw insults if they see members of a certain party because of how they feel about it. However if it the duty of the party member to stay come so that they can send their message in peace.

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