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See why people are talking about eNCA and Why they say it Must Fall: See This (Opinion)

Source: eNCA, InstagramApparantly eNCA Media Company of south african news has been trending and people are talking.

A few days a go a reporter drom eNCA was found to have made racist remarks but early this morning 26 February 2021, the eNCA released a statement claiming why this is not so.

For many people on Social Media they did not take this really nicely of eNCA deffending the reporter while everyone thought she was being wrong.

Not only that the incident the lady did was a once off coincidence but that it was shown by people that it was a repeated act by the same person multiple times.

The thing with all this media things is that for some people its really easy to make them lose jobs and carriers over such thing, but since its the it facing others it becomes a different story.

So people based on that allegation have started a #eNCAmustfall on social media, meaning it basicly a movement to shut down eNCA.

Which is a movement which will never be successful in this case, as many have tryed but have failed in doing so.

eNCA says they are are wear of the Covid19 procedures in which they always make sure that every person they ingange apon is of course follpwing the guidelines.

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