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Hard To Believe | The War Is Raging Between Ramaphosa And Ngizwe - Check

The battle is raging between the President of the country and the Ngizwe Mchunu. Ngizwe declares that If Ever President Ramaphosa might Shut the country Things can be worst.

So many things happened in the country since Covid 19 has been discovered and people are so confused now, people are fed with different information. Now it's the time for people to be treated fairly. If you can remember the looting took place and things turned upside down and so many things have been vandalized, now it's not a good idea to go back.

The sad thing is people assumes that Ngizwe Is allegedly mentally disturbed, he opposes almost everything and he is not afraid even to through up a challenge to anyone. He knows his story and he will stand till the end.

Well nobody knows what will happen if the President of the country can shut down the country. But it is not a good Idea now people live like animals, they are controlled there's no freedom anymore.

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