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OPINION | Mnangagwa is a Biggest Sellout

The ongoing evictions and displacements of people from their lands by Chinese nationals have exposed Emmerson Mnangagwa as a big sellout!

The land issue was one of the key reasons why the black man left his comfort zone and went to the bush to fight the regime of Ian Smith, Zimbabwe can't and must not have another 5 years with this man as President. He is a sellout! A betrayer of thousands who lost their lives in the liberation struggle!

Tongogara, Chitepo and many others did not pay with their lives for the Chinese to come and do whatever that they want here in Zimbabwe, this is our country. For this reason, Zimbabweans in the urban areas and rural areas, must register to vote and vote for change in 2023. We must vote out the puppets and sellouts! We deserve better leadership as a country

When Joshua Nkomo spoke about sharing the land to the people he was seen as a sellout, but that was what people fought for and now it is the time for Zimbabweans to wake up, from the slumber we have been sleeping for long. China gave Zimbabwe billions of dollars loan during look east policy. Now they can't pay back instead they sell land to china and allow them to do whatever they want. In central and west afrrica same song they are cutting rose wood for free, the natives s licenses were cancelled only Chinese are allowed to cut trees. In ten years time there will be no hardwood again

 Same story with Mozambique most of the Chinese abuse underage girls like 13yrs and the government does nothing. Most Chinese companies don't pay well, its now clear that Africa is now colonized by Chinese. Very essential to mobilize the voters before its too late. The Chinese need to be stopped at all costs. They are raping the country and pillaging every resource, they can lay their hands on with millions of bribe dollars going into corrupt officials bank accounts while the people suffer

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