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OPINION| When Will Zuma Realize That he Has no Friends ?

Zuma is naked, when will the penny drop in Zuma's mind that he has no friends, just pretenders ? He has never had genuine friends. As soon as the Mongera and Shaik families realized way back in 1991 that, he had a weakness for women and public money, he stood no chance. 

He was captured and rendered dependant on the parasites who discovered him, Fana Hlongwane, Shabir Shaik, Guptas, Magashule, Julius Malema and so in. They made him spend and spend taxpayers money like there was no tomorrow. It was for the benefit of their wives, concubines and homeboys.  

In parliament they defended him, they managed his image and PR to suit themselves, not him. Like they set up a foundation in his name with the intention to hoodwink, but not to serve .

But after all is said and done, he has never had real friends, he was to all of them just a cash-cow. When Pres Zuma sues Billy the writing of lies will stop. That is how President of the IFP, Prince Buthelezi got journalists off his back. He must also sue the journalists who sent out the confidential information. He must sue both. Then he will have peace. Mr Koko has taken this step too, he sues people who write lies about him this is why it has stopped

Adv Dali Mpofu is the only best indeed because he challenged every comment and allegation that Trengrove made by quoting from the law and cases. He was a real bull, I salute the People's Advocate. It's seems like they are shivering of the fact that they will be exposed, that why that try by all means to discourage Zuma from African court. Fighting for your life doesn't mean you have to give up to your self, fighting for your own life is what suppose to be, let him express his emotions and feelings about what he's thinking, anyway free styling in SA

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