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OPINION|| ANC's Racist Policies Like BEE Are Chasing Investors Away

As a global businessman, south-Africa is too far long gone, there's nothing to salvage or invest in, as a investor I rather take my money, invest in a stable political country that's a low tax haven & business friendly with zero red tape, law & order judiciary that's serious about crime/corruption free/racist free & no socialist & communist ideology & zero bee corruption that benefit only black people.

Free & fair elections for all citizens white/black/indian/colored. South-Africa has become a reverse racist country that benefit ONLY the blacks with their bee initiative where black management without any higher education or experience must be 51%, that's a recipe for disaster & theft of investors money.

The tax system is the highest in the world at 45% + another 15%, that means the government steal from the taxpayer to feed the poor. The Communist/socialist ideology that the anc & eff have & the in fight of the factions for power are busy destroying what's still standing.

I'm an investor that care about the safety of my money & also care about the value of the currency, south-African currency will become soon like Zimbabwe, a million rand will only buy 1 bread.

Service delivery are non excistant as 100% of politicians run their own businesses with tax payers money & only care about their salaries end of month, 98 % of them do not know anything about how a economy work, most of them do not have experience nor the qualifications to be a politician, if they do not have a degree in political science, then they are useless to the nation, it's the same you ask your 3 year old to run your business, it does not make sense, voters still vote these morons in power & it will never change.

So it's a lost case whatever they do, unless one clever genius come & save the country by getting rid of illegal aliens/ guard the borders/create jobs for south-African born citizens/ eradicate corruption/theft & bring back the death penalty for murderers/rapists/drug lords & create a friendly tax haven & a safe environment then the investors will come back to invest billions of dollars!






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