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Cyril's ANC Enemy 'Rescinds' His Resignation


Barely a month has passed since a certain ANC leader dropped a massive bombshell by tendering in his resignation pointedly suggesting that the Real ANC had long vacated Luthuli House in an apparent missive against President Cyril Ramaphosa's leadership.

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Lazola Ndamase, a quite capable leader, who held the deputy provincial secretary position of the South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape, performed an incredible somersault when he took to twitter on Tuesday, indicating that he has as a matter of fact returned to both the ANC and SACP after his resignation on the 3rd of November.

In his resignation letter subsequent to the bruising municipal elections, he held the view that Ramaphosa's ANC had veered off from the right direction, he pointed at the massive corruption scandals and political squabbles that had become the order of the day having hamstrung the party in its quest to emancipate the previously disadvantaged masses of the people, blacks in particular.

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He rightly ascribed the voter apathy demonstrated by South Africans at the recent municipal polls as a huge indictment on the democratic process, which he said must be overhauled as it no longer gives people hope that their material condition can be changed through it.

"After almost a month of engagements with ANC & SACP activists I have reversed my letter of resignation as a member of the SACP & as a member of the ANC. The potential these organizations have to liberate the oppressed cannot be left to greedy scoundrels," Ndamase posted on his official twitter account.

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Ndamase's quick turnaround is quite surprising though, one can argue that he probably found things tough outside of the ANC.

It is an undeniably indisputable fact that politicians enjoy swimming in government largesse, and by virtue of leaving the ANC, one deprives themselves the luxury of tenders and positions of significance in society. As they say, "it is cold outside the ANC." Indeed Ndamase's reason to return could have been influenced by that aspect.

PHOTO: News24

It is therefore one's opinion that individuals such as Ndamase ought not to be given political positions, because quite clearly, all he cares about is positions, and not serving the people, he was probably promised a tender or something to facilitate his return to the ANC, more so the Communist Party.

His decision elicited extreme reactions from South Africans on twitter, with some people saying that he indeed felt the cold outside the ANC, which is why he hardly went away from a month.

PHOTO: Daily Sun - Blade Nzimande (left) with Lazola Ndamase (right).

What do you think made Ndamase to change his mind and rescind his resignation from both the ANC and the SACP?

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