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The salary of a former President | is it fair for a former President to earn such?

The jobs and obligations of the President in South Africa are various. The nation of South Africa is Democratic and headed by an otherwise called the President top of the state, chosen by the National Assembly.

The President may be taken out from by denunciation or movement of no certainty, he is needed to be an individual from National Assembly.

The President plays a part to play in arranging and marking ceasefires, oppointing discretionary authorities, gives respects, allowing pardons, has impact over unfamiliar and security strategies, marking of bills into laws. The president is likewise the Commender in Chief and has the ability to pronounce war, Delivering his targets and the State of Nation Adress.

The President has the ability to choose Ministers, the Deputy President and Deputy Ministers allocates their forces and works and may excuse them. Every one of these and a ton of more are the jobs of the President.

The rights, obligations and compensation of the President are illustrated in part V of the South African Constitution.

The President remunaration is paid in his term as the President and after his retirement as the President.

We should us check out the remunaration of the President of South Africa by taking a gander at the compensation of the President is office and we will likewise take a gander at the compensation of a previous President by taking a gander at the compensation of previous President.

The President in South Africa's compensation is R3.9 million.

The previous President is South Africa checking out the retirement benefits pay of the most current previous President in 2.98 million rands.

The term of the President from the commencement of the multiracial South Africa is two to years and is sustainable. The compensation after retirement is constant.

As you check out tht pay of previous president, is it reasonable for the previous president to get like a cash?.

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