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OPINION - The Difference Between Ramaphosa and Maimane

The difference between a Ramaphosa and Maimane, is that a Rama is being groomed for many years, the owner invest lot of money and uplift him, preparing for the future and when a puppet get time to lead, it's always a pay back time and it's easy to control, because of investment you made before. Ramaphosa knows his position and the loss which might happen if he disobey its master

While the Maimane is a whole unknown person whom the master uses as experiment to see if they can control. There is no investment made before which make the master easy to kill or throw out. Maimane is like medicine in the lab, if not working its thrown away

One may ask why do we have puppets and rats. Is for the Master to maintain control and influence. Well Ramaphosa was groomed and financed by WMC, that's why he understood very well and defend them with distinction, while Maimane was lured to gain and attract black vote and he fail and did not understood his role

Who is good between them, both are good for the master. The problem is when you fail to follow the order. They are both used to advance the master's interests

For the poor and Black both are bad because they preach right while going left. They are Lions in a sheep skin

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