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As The IFP Leadership Gathered, See What People Spotted Inside The Room.


The IFP were busy gathering, people spotted something that got them thinking so bad. This is quite funny because those people are making sure that they conform you when they want something from us. They have realized that most people are loving things, and they will end up falling for that party. We must know that people are changing and there is nothing we can do when they change on us. So many people are regretting for not being careful when they choose parties that they're voting for. They have seen examples on the ANC people that were doing too much corruption to the community.

Social media people are saying that most of those parties got ruled by to illuminate, and that's why you would find them not feeling sympathy for other people. We don't even know where we would start with stopping all this because those people are enjoying since they are not stopping anything. They said that people should vote for Economic Freedom Fighters because of how its people are fighting to see the black people doing good. Some people are saying that those people will change when time goes on because many of those parties have done the same.

They want votes from residents, they are making sure they do everything that will make us change our minds on what they want. This is not fair because It's pretty clear that they are robbing us with empty promises. This is some of the things that we would have thought we've seen them all until they come straight to us. That's why we have to make sure that we know all the information before we could choose because we hate regretting. That's the reason people are telling to be sure because we could get ourselves in things that we don't know. So many parties that are here to get the money and go away with it without helping anyone around.

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