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Outsurance accused of being racist after this discovery

Racism seem to be still a big problem in the world as a whole. With eNCA being called a racism news broadcaster, we could only have hoped that, other companies will work on that and make sure that, they treat client's with the same equity.

Outsurance is being accused of racism as they give different quotes to people regardless of them qualifying for the same quote, giving the same information.

A black man shared a damning story about how they quoted him more money than his white friend.

" So we decided to put outsurance on the test, regarding their comprehensive car insurance.

Shane(white friend) and myself decided to call outsurance for comprehensive car insurance. We both applied the same information, including the cars that we drive, places of residence and the dates we took our licences.

Guess what they quoted me R1 756,34 for my Polo GT and and he was charged R1 092,65 for the same vehicle with the same information as mine.

#Flexatron", said the man.

Could this mean, black people have been used by outsurance and being lied to all the years, while white people are getting an affordable insurance.

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Shane( eNCA


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