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Rape Obscene

ANC councilor caught on video assaulting woman

ANC is neoliberal and fully committed to administering apartheid on natives. That 'cadres' will speak out against the assault on black people must be immediately ruled out. ANC kuuns need to protect their salaries and careers.

I wonder if charges were laid against those ANC members who took time off their campaign to assault women.

DA lays assault charges against ANC councillor after he allegedly attacks a female staff member.

It is reeaally mind-boggling how the ANC will bend over backwards to look after their most delinquent thugs to keep them in the system!Even after been peculiarly acquitted of a violent water-jug assault on another politician in the midst of a crowd of people, AL's back!

Then again, looking at the recent antics of the ANC cabal it seems that the more crooked you are, the better chance you have of filling leading positions! All just comes down to basic ANC cadre-deployment.

Your observations arent accurate as close to 99% of all ANC members are linked/implicated to some sort of crime, be it rape, murder, assault, theft, corruption etc but still the party deployed them in some critical positions.

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