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South Africans Must Just Accept That Zimbabweans Will Not Go Home. See Why. (Opinion).

South Africans Must Just Accept That Zimbabweans Will Not Go Home. See Why. 

In the past few days South Africans have been fighting foreigners so that they go back home. These include foreigners from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and every other immigrants from other countries. However, chances are very low that Zimbabweans will go home because of the economic and political crisis they have to deal with back home and South Africa has provided some hope for them. 

Zimbabwe was once known as the breadbasket of Africa. The country has also been known for having the best health care and education in the whole continent, however things have deteriorated since Independence. 

When Mugabe was removed as President, Zimbabweans were happy that change will come However it seems things have been getting worse under Ed Mnangagwa.  

The BBC HardTalk documentary which was released last year, documented the struggles of the people. The unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is about 95%. Doctors were getting paid about $4 a day which had many leave their jobs. Townships have no electricity, people have no where to stay, children do not go to school and people survive on one meal per day while the inflation has reached over 300%. 

Illegal immigrants come to South Africa in search of jobs and a better life. While things are not all flowery in South Africa? Zimbabweans take on each and every work that they can get because they know the hardships they have had back home. 

We can tell them to go home and fix their country, but is it really that easy under the rule of a dictator? It's time we accepted that Zimbabweans will not go home because of the poverty they will have to face back home. We might as well learn how to live with them. 

The government can make laws and policies to put South Africans but how many are willing to do the petty jobs such as gardens the way that the foreigners do. South Africans can have their jobs but let the Zimbabweans do the petty jobs for survival. 

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