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"I realised that everytime i vote for EFF it's for foreigners to have my country" - Facebook post

The economic freedom fighter is party that for the abolishing of borders and ensuring that foreigners have access to South Africa and that they are not seeing as foreigners but as Africans.

However this are the things that the EFF abides for and one of their agendas should they be in power is the abolishment of borders in South Africa to ensure that Africans have free access to the country.


However not all countries in Africa or if there's any country that speaks of abolition their boarders s not even something that you hear from any country in the sadc region except for South African by the EFF party.

The EFF itself is a party that has great number of people who likes it because of it for Black people and the economic freedom of black people in South Africa, but one thing that continues to Hinder the party from getting votes is their policy for a borderless country, black people in South Africa feels that the living conditions of black people in South Africa is not different from the living conditions of any black person in Africa and therefore opening borders will increase the pressure in the living conditions of black people, something that is being seen, where local black people are against foreigners as they see them competing with them in business, small businesses, informal businesses, and in employment where employers prefer foreigners instead of locals because of exploitation. But the EFF speaks for black people, however what is hindering the party from getting all the people is the policy for the Freedom of foreigners in South Africa and this has led to people choosing to vote for different party while there are people who are members of the Eff wh have decision to abandon the party and join one.

such is a person on Facebook who posted pictures cutting his card which shows the membership EFF party and the reason he was cutting it was he said that he came to realise that every time he votes for the eff is just an opportunity for foreigners to come into the country.

Please tell your opinion on this man decision


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