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Meet Jessie, A Hard Core Die Hard EFF Supporter| Here Is Why

Meet This Girl, A Hard Core Die Hard EFF Supporter

Date: 2021/10/01

Jessie Griesel has been reported to be a die-hard Economic Freedom Fighters supporter, she considered a self also a Steve Biko loyalist which shocked entire South Africa, if she is chasing political clout she did beautifully because she got the attention of Julius and Ndlozi for sure as they are always tapped in reading the news.

She is only 19 and politically inclined to the level that most Africans are not, she is going to get the success that requires if she can keep this up, she is a very smart young person, maybe her parents do not agree with her methods but they will be proud.

Other EFF loyalists were not happy that they are now collaborating with Europeans-Africans as the party was solely meant for African and the entire continent as a whole, but now it looks like they are opening a wormhole that will dilute the party with White people that is their issue.

Jessie knows a lot of African history, she is also well connected, she is going to be in positions of power. If she continues that route she will be more famous, she must not give up, she must keep it up money will follow her if she is looking.

The Economic Freedom fighters must cuff her, make her champion to bring in white followers, but her future looks bright, she will shine she can campaign for more than 100 years and her family will eat forever.

The Economic Fighters should be smart when they approach this thing because it might be a trap that will make her more famous than she is, then dumps them for the VF+ political Party, or the Democratic Alliance as those will pay her big money as she already has an Audience.


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