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Is Ramaphosa Throwing Insults At the DA? See What He Said

Date: 21/10/21



Since it is election time, every single political party is busy campaigning for the win. In this whole period of campaigning, political parties are taking swipes at each other trying to win votes by making other parties lose them.

Many parties have already done that and the economic Freedom Fighters are very famous at doing that. To everyone's surprise, the African national Congress also joined along and the worst of all it was Cyril Ramaphosa who seemed to be throwing shade at the opposition.


During a campaign in the Western Cape, Cyril Ramaphosa told the people of khayelitsha to come in numbers on the 1st of November and vote for the ANC. In the same address, he said that if they are not to vote for the ANC, they will be falling into the hands of people who do not care.

He says that the people who might win the election if it's not the ANC, might not care to provide proper services for the people and everything else. People are now wondering if Cyril Ramaphosa actually was talking about the Democratic Alliance.

It is common knowledge that the Western Cape is home of the Democratic alliance and most municipalities are ruled by it. So if the president is saying that the party that might rule over people of college does not care it would mean that he might be talking about the Democratic Alliance.


It is quite evident that this is a swipe at the Democratic Alliance. Cyril ramaposa is stating that the da does not really care so much about the people of khayelitsha and their needs. This is why states that they should vote for the ANC in order to get what they need.

What is your take on the matter at hand?

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