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South Africans are ready to take things in their own hands as the government fails to, see what

There has been a lot of stories about Zimbabweans and they seem to never end, and South Africans aren't willing to spend another minute and watch their country being destroyed.

With that being said, not all foreigners are breaking the law, there are those who are law abiding people but their names are just tinted with bad reputation because of others who aren't willing to follow the rules of South Africa.

"Who must fight for Zimbabweans? Who must fix their problems? South Africans were faced with death during apartheid years but no country hosted over 1 millions South Africans. What's so special about Zimbabweans? Let Zimbabweans go face their government",one tweeted

" There's nothing innocent about Zanu-PF stooges like . People must go to their countries.. stay in your country", another commented

There seem to be a lot of debate about the deportation of immigrants and people aren't going to sit and not act.

Such issues needs unity and understanding as to why it has to be done.

Immigrants must stay in South Africa legally to avoid having to face such wrath from South Africans.

" The issue of Zimbabweans not qualifying as refugees is handled with emotions by lot of SAns. However, just because SAns refuses to acknowledge the political abuses in Zimbabwe, it doesn't give SAns blank cheque, to embark on a large scale deportation of Zimbabweans", another added

" Do you think it's normal for any country to house over 5 million migrants from one country? Swaziland is facing the same challenges, that's why they are fighting for their freedom. What is stopping Zimbos from doing the same? After twenty years, Zimbabweans are scattered all over the world".

Problem here isn't really Zimbabweans but the South African government who refuses to do things by the book and allows things to get out of control in their watch.

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