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WATCH || Three Top ANC leaders beating up women painfully.

So if women refuse to join a political party or reject it you must beaten them, what will prevent you from from raping them then?

What stops this ANC criminals from leaving in peace if they are rejected by the community, is the solution beat them into submission?

African National Captured, Beating Women, He must be arrested. But we are surprised ANC members beating woman but nothing is happening. People get killed when it comes to politics. Can these election thing pass, because what is happening out there is so embarrassing about our fellow ANC leaders.

ANC is rotten to the core, this are old man hitting young women, the future of this country yet people still vote for ANC.

ANC has conditioned it's followers that every other party is corrupt, incapable and illiterate because of it's own failures, people are now mentally imprisoned, beaten by those with the same skin colour. If parties were the same countries would be the same.

Please click the link below to watch a video of ANC members beating up woman:

We not bothered by the pink dress we are used to this dress, the problem is the male human being is hitting the female human being and that male he is the political member of anc which is the 1 ruling this country 4 the past 26 years. Don't even open your gates for these ANC people, cause if you disagree with the things they say they'll promise to moer you.

Can Mr Head of Election Fikile Mbalula see these 3 guys beating women must be suspended immediately we can walk amongst abusers when doing door to door campaigns. But also these women must be located to establish if they dnt belong to certain political party.

We all know that deep down in our hearts that ANC is campaigning against EFF, DA is campaigning against EFF, ActionSA is campaigning against EFF, BLF is campaigning against EFF, FF is campaigning against EFF, etc. There is only one opposition and alternative party in this country.

Thabo Mbeki warned about stuff riders joining ANC back in 2012. Because ANC is a violent party.

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