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Finally || Top ANC member found a Solution to remove foreigners.

So many South Africans have been crying, praying day and night, asking for government to remove illegal immigrants in the country, seems like their prayers heard even though the media has always been an important part of every society. It is there to inform, educate, investigate and even expose some of the hidden issues that should be brought to public attention. This has always been an important role in any democracy. The issues reported on the media form public opinion, the narratives portrayed are accepted as the general truth on every story told on our television sets also published on social and print media. It is the media which continually reports on the heinous crimes committed by undocumented foreigners, it is the media that exposed the R37 million border fence and how ineffective it is the media that documents illegal border crossers who making their way to South Africa easily due to the lack of security or infrastructure meant to combat illegal border crossing.

The Commission for Employment Equity recently released its annual employment figures for the 2019/20 year, the figures alarmingly showed that foreign nationals are filling job vacancies ahead of South African citizens; what do our labour laws say Are these not the concerns brought to the fore by unemployed South African youths under hashtags such as graduate and unemployment.

Why then is it the case that when Patriotic SAn citizens mobilise and speak against all the troubles that have been brought upon them by illegal foreigners and the prioritisation of foreigners in SA than citizens the media takes a posture to overlook all their previous reports exposing such happenings and rather chooses to brand every concerned voice as Xenophobic? And It is no secret that Johannesburg CBD in particular Hillbrow is one of the most illegal foreigner populated places in South Africa making it the hub for crime, drugs, counterfeit goods, prostitution and other crimes that we believe you are yet to report to us.

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