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Why do African politicians use the bible to be sworn into office instead of their tradition: Opinion

Most of the people are very manipulative in their belief system, they are biased. They are not faithful to the left nor to the right. The bible says, "you can't serve two masters, you will either love the other and manipulate the other one. It is impossible to love two things with the same level, even a woman can't love two man the same.

Where service is needed, where love should be practiced, it takes commitment, devotion, focus, responsibility, accountability and loyalty. You can't give two people the same commitment or any of the above mentioned qualities. African people love to worship ancestors and God at the same time.

The same hand that holds the bible, becomes the same hand that holds Muthi. The same mouth that prays to God, it is the same enchant to ancestors.The same person that goes to church, is the same person that goes to church. The same person who believes, Jesus rose from the dead, is same person that believes the dead. It is very much impossible to worship two masters.

The other one is either darkness and the other one can be light. We know how our African people defend their way of worshipping that is dark, they say it's light. How could it be light when whitcrafr is involved. Should we say witchcraft is a holy art in Africa? What about if witchcraft is going to be legally endorsed by the governments? It is possible if they are planning to legalize sex work, polyandry and homosexuality. Anything can be possibly with this corrupt world.

Our African people have knowledge about the existence of God, but the deny the pure and true way to approach Him. Some believe that Jesus can't be the mediator, so they would rather go via their ancestors.

The same people that trust Sangomas and shrines, the same people that use witchcraft to cast out witchcraft are the same people that claim to know God. You would be amazed that when they die, they want to be buried by a pastor. They want a church to bury their beloved ones. Why don't they call witch doctors and other rirualists to bury them.

When a president is inaugurated, he does that through the bible, only to deceive people. The bible in swearing does not mean anything, it is just a cover up. Most of these politicians do not even read the bible, they just use it for disguise. If they knew the bible, how will they lie to people later. How do they give people empty promises, how would they sleep with woman before they promote them? How are they stealing from the same citizens they are serving?

Right now, there is no game that is as dirty as politics. If your wife or a husband become a politician, you are likely to be lied to for the rest of your life. So what is the bible for? With all that deception and lies, we are very much misusing God's holy book.

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