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Eswatini Pro democracy protesters set to overthrow king swati

The pain of Eswatini people is our pain too. A call for democracy is a call for a just and fair society. We must at all material times condemn the brutality of the Eswatini government for standing in the way of the will of the people.

There’s uproar in The Kingdom of Eswatini - Africa’s last absolute monarchy - young people are demanding democracy. Manqoba Motsa , a student activist, was on DW News Africa to talk about why young Swati’s want to abolish the monarchy.

Any intervention in eSwatini must be preceded by an AU or SADC decision or resolution. One would have thought a journalist reporting on international issues would be aware of that.

If we bomb Eswatini tomorrow, take over and make them our province, you will be crying human rights and all sorts of things. Swaziland is not facing a revolution nor genocide. The only problem they have that we also have is Monarchies is 2021. Get rid of that.

And it sucks cause Eswatini people always have to wait for an artist to get SA recognition for them to start supporting them. Like how fake can a country be.

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