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Gayton McKenzie does it again

Mayor Gayton McKenzie of the Patriotic Alliance is one of the driving forces behind the initiative, he refuses to take credit heaped on him in his first few months as head of the municipality.

“I’m not doing anything special, I just think the politicians in this area have set the bar so low that any basic services people receive is seen as going above and beyond.

“I don’t have to work hard to stand out,” McKenzie, a former convict, businessman and motivational speaker, said.

Gatvol is just one product produced by a newly established tar and asphalt factory in Beaufort West, and the pothole-repair kits are for sale at selected supermarkets, complete with instructions.

“There are thousands of potholes in the district and when I asked why it takes so long to repair them I was told the tar comes from George.

“So I started looking for some investors and before long we were able to bring someone in to manufacture tar in our town for a third of the price.

“It’s not costing the municipality a cent, it creates jobs and residents can take ownership of the region’s repairs at a reasonable price,” McKenzie said.

This is just one of several manufacturing facilities being established in the area as McKenzie looks to create more jobs, provide services and bring more corporate investment to the region he has dubbed “Mini Dubai”.

The interventions, which are being fast-tracked in the absence of much of the usual official red tape that bedevils start-ups — stem from new mayor’s original goal of eradicating bucket toilets in the district within his first 100 days in office.

“When I was appointed as mayor I said no-one in my municipality will be degraded by using bucket toilets.

“But we needed to bring money and investment into the area first.

“That’s when I noticed the condition of the roads and how that would scare off any potential investors.

“So we looked into starting a tar factory.

“Then I noticed the number of children playing in the streets, and how there was no entertainment for them.

“We then started looking at fixing the local public swimming pool, and we needed a brick manufacturer.

“Then halfway through the renovations at the pools the paint ran out, and there was nowhere to buy paint, so we identified another need that attracted investors.”

By identifying the needs within the community, McKenzie used his business acumen to attract investors to deal with some of the problems of the region.


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