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Political Outburst In KZN at the inauguration IEC Meeting

Political Outburst In KZN at the inauguration IEC Meeting

Date: 2021/11/23

Political Outburst in Kwa Zulu natal broke out yesterday in a brawl between the NFP and the ANC when they did not want the new counselors to be elected in their party as they believed that Indipendadent election Boards results were phony so they have to recalculate.

The Area is run by the Inkatha Freedom Party which is huge and big, the only issue is that the ruling party kept too quiet but it knows that it won that area fair and square as the board has done the recounts already.

Joel Sibisi is the newly elected speaker in that small section but it seems like they just want to kill each other before anything cannot ever happen. The Independent election board is already planning the second meeting, this is because the truth has shown itself that some small politicians still behave like barbarians, they lack human instincts and ways of life.

The outburst got the security to be involved, in the end, they will end up shooting at each other like they always do like it is the taxi business, they believe in killing their competition, they do not understand that it makes them better.

Our politicians should learn to be civilized because, the way they are moving they will be falling apart before they even know how to get better at what they do, killing a man does not solve your problems it just makes them worse, rather help that man that is the only way you can help yourself move forward and the country as a whole, but if you live with blood that is how you will likely die.

Politics is just a funny game sometimes, the man was democratically elected why would they let him not speak when he is supposed to.


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