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How Cyril Ramaphosa showed The Ret Forces, Malema and Zuma that he is a genius.

Sometimes we never know how great a person is till we put them in a tight place. Ramaphosa was put in a very tight place and his enemies were 100% sure that they would accomplish their mission with ease and they plotted against him and they believed that they had the best plan to oust him.

He was tackling Covid19 while dealing with corruption on the other hand. He was busy travelling abroad to hold meetings with investors to convince them to invest in South Africa so that South Africans can be employed and for the growth of our economy. He also had to be a family man and a father to his children, his businesses didn’t stand still, he had to attend business meetings and shareholders meetings.

His mind was very very occupied and he was tired most of the time, that is why he was even captured sleeping at one point.

They knew he was weak and he had a lot going on in his life and that his mind had too many things to think about. Tea meetings were planned and plans were made, they knew that by fighting corruption he was fighting against them and their money tap so they had to remove him from power. He pushed and pushed then Gigaba,Magashule etc were found to have been involved in corruption and were suspended from the ANC. Zuma was arrested.

The plan was to create chaos all over South Africa and the media was going to report on it obviously so that he would look incompetent. It would then look like the people of South Africa don’t want him anymore. They knew that he would try to calm the situation so they made sure that fake news spread all over so that he can deploy soldiers who will shoot to kill and when that happens they would accuse him of killing innocent people and remove him from power.

Great plan by a group of enemies, but then that man’S nickname is Buffalo, he defeated them. Instead pf shooting looters, they were arrested by the police, instead of backing down due to pressure, he stamped his territory and made his presence felt. Instead of making abrupt decisions, he asessed the situation and made sound and calculated decisions.

They were defeated, many were arrested. Last week they tried again but it started on twitter and ended there because they realised that they wouldn’t win against such a smart man.

Malema was never going to stand a chance anyway, he is too forward and he doesn’t make calculate decisions so he wasn’t goin to win. Zuma knew how good he is and that s why he made him his deputy when he was president. But together they thought they would defeat him but they were wrong.

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