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Immigration policy

Illegal Foreigners Will Continue To Rob and Destroy I Feel Pity For Citizens


 A man took his time on Twitter to expose and express his views regarding politics as well as the issue of illegal foreign nationals in South Africa.

He stated that he feels sorry for black people we have had odds against us, we were being scammed in 1994 now they have the state as well as the media.

While on the other hand, we are facing a pandemic of undocumented immigrants, who are destroying our infrastructure.


Ntombi was not happy because the immigration law is not being respected and followed. We are voting for people who are talking highly about illegal foreign nationals, who don't listen to us it's like we don't have a voice, our job is to listen and not have a say.

Apartheid was a crime against humanity but now we are reaching a state whereby, it looks like we had it easy during the apartheid days that is why it is important to vote for Patriots who will put our needs first.


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