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OPINION| Is There Any Political Intolerance in KZN ?

First it was some ANC supporters blocking and fighting with other political parties in KZN, and trying to stop EFF from entering voter registration stations this past weekend. Now, DA staff members were hijacked, kidnapped and their branded campaign vehicle set alight, also in KZN. Is this simply criminality at play or clear intimidation tactics? Is this a sign of more to come. We may have our own opinions about political parties, but political violence, killings, threats and intimidation should never be tolerated. Sadly, these seem to be a frequent thing in KZN and nothing is done stop it

I think now this thing of high crime in KZN it has a thing to do with high number of unemployment, and people now are taking the alternative to become criminals to support their families, and it is a shame what is happening to our province, I was shocked to see that even DOE is out of budget they can't even hire teachers, as result they seek better pastures to other provinces while their province won't even hire them Cowards are afraid to loose because their train derail cause of their own circumstances. Corruption, dishonest leadership, now it's using young unemployed people to destroy the country preventing other opposition political parties, from taking over the local government Municipalities elections. If you still think the ANC is a political party, here’s your proof. Nothing but a bunch of thieves and thugs, willing to do anything to retain power. Even this why are we even surprised?it’s to be expected

When sellouts lose ground this is happening. Hence the Cyril administration is opium high on strict gun laws, they know we will fight back with guns my advice is for all revolutionaries to own a lot of guns, and be abled to stage our claim. First it was CIC just gave him a warning then DA officials were given action

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