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“When We Are Done Sending Zimbabweans Back To Their Country, We Will Face Nigerians” — Lady

A South African lady on Twitter said that immediately they are through with the deportation of Zimbabweans back to Zimbabwe, then, they will face Nigerians and send them back to their country too. The lady made this statement on Twitter after sharing an article where a group of Nigerians are clamouring for the place they are living to be renamed New Lagos. The Nigerians said that since the country returned to democracy in 1994, they have been contributing in no small measures to the, economy, growth, and development of South Africa. This is why they are clamouring that the government of the republic of South Africa, led by Cyril Ramaphosa, should consider naming their town New Lagos to give them a sense of belonging. This statement, however, did not go down well with the lady who took offence immediately and dished out enough insults and abuses to Zimbabweans and Nigerians on Twitter by writing, “When we finished sending Zimbabweans back to their poor Zimbabwe. We send those back to Nigeria”. Many other people joined in.

Furthermore, some South Africans, especially youths, who read through the statement or article are also angry, disclosing that foreigners and irregular migrants are becoming too comfortable in South Africa which is why they are now crossing their boundaries just to annoy South Africans. Someone pointed out, “@CityTshwane and @tshwane_mayor have been paralysed all these years. No sense of work ethic. Foreign criminals are ruling the city! 

@TMPDSafety is also allowing the anarchy & infestation to continue, but they're quick to go arrest harmless & innocent cabbage planters! They’re too comfortable, it’s like they found an empty country with no people, they see us as nothing”.

Recall that some South Africans are always at loggerheads with foreigners, especially undocumented migrants and Undocumented foreigners and unsolicited refugees, blaming them for being responsible for most of the problems in South Africa, including crimes and unemployment. They also frequently accuse foreigners and immigrants of not paying taxes, using fake documents, offering cheap labour and sell drugs. These issues are always pressing ones on social media. 

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