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Mzansi Is Disappointed After They Spotted ANC Officials Doing This

Such protection to visit a place that they failing every year, many members of the public are upset that the politicians are using VIP security that is costing the government more than R3 billion per annum.

This is something that has seriously caught the attention of ordinary citizens of the country, you will notice that the picture also depicts the politicians driving in a very dilapidated poor neighbourhood that is completely made out of informal settlements on either side of the road.

We can barely tell if there is a yard because all the houses are very close to each other and there is no safety whatsoever, because it is easy for any one with sinister intentions to break into the homes.

The politicians are always ensuring that they are safeguarded against any perpetrators of crimes and any other uprising that might happen where they are either kidnapped for terrorist reasons or anything else, however the politicians are putting the lives of the ordinary members of the public who have voted them into power at stake by cutting the budget of the police.

Right now, they are thousands of police vehicles which are out of commission and which are necessary for the policing duties however, the police are using a very small number of vehicles and they're also understaffed so they cannot really combat the criminals actively because most of the time they are trying to compensate for the small number of workers.

Most of the time this kind of behaviour is very shameful because you have to understand that these politicians are driving into very impoverished neighbourhoods, where the roads are completely filled with potholes which they are supposed to fix and they don’t but they can go to those neighbourhoods and try to get votes from the community members.

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