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Has Mnangagwa Fulfilled His Promises Yet ?

Under Emmerson Mnangagwa;

Ignatius Chombo Acquitted

Supa Mandiwanzira Acquitted

Wicknell Chivhayo Acquitted

Obadiah Moyo Acquitted

Delish Nguwaya “Acquitted”

These charges were framed in a way that the court cases fail because the system has been captured by the looters. They should be brought to court again when there is a new government. Big thieves being released. So Mnangagwa and Chiwenga must be arrested because they lied to the people that criminals are surrounding Mugabe. Who are the criminals now. They used people to remove the old man from power yet they are the real criminals. They know that once they put these guys in prison, they won't go alone coz they also know their secrets they will expose them

Even Mugabe at one point thought he was invincible, above the law and am sure he had an image of a godsend looter extraordinaire in his head, but he died a bitter, betrayed man by the very cronies he was grooming as future looters par excellence. The change is definitely coming, it might not be today, tomorrow nor the day after but for whom the bell tolls, time is but a fragment to the down trodden. #PresidentHH lost 5 elections but knew that one way or the other, he had to rid Zambia of corruption, and today he is the epitome of good African governance. Regardless of their shenanigans in the judiciary system, it is every Zimbabweans prerogative to vote

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