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ANC turned Into a Laughing stock After people Noticed this On their Road Opening Photos.


Due to the local government elections that are a few days ahead, the ANC is trying by all means to stay relevant. For the past week, they’ve been launching all the projects that they have been working on ever since. If one can say they are trying to convince people to vote for them, it can’t be denied that even the projects that were long completed, the due dates for launching were rescheduled to be in October, because even elections are in October.


Two days ago, they turned into laughing stocks after they launched a sports field in Enoch Mgijima local municipality and claimed that it cost R15 million. Many people were shocked and enraged after they claimed that it cost R15 million. Seeing the photos of the sports field, they said it cost a million. It seems as if the ANC is losing control in the name of campaigning because most of the projects that they are launching only make them look like clowns because of how poor they are.


Yesterday, the Mayor of Engcobo local municipality opened a newly constructed road. After photos of the road were posted on social media, people were so disappointed because of how poor the road looked. View photos of the multimillion-dollar structure built by ANC:



However, after the photos of the road were posted, Mzanzi noticed something that left many people in stitches. They noticed that there’s a guy who is appointed to hold a background board when the mayor is talking instead of just buying a quality board. Some even went on to say the guy might be paid R20k for holding a background board. The guy, together with the ANC, turned into a laughing stock. They even made memes out of his photo. See the comments below:

People don’t know what they want. This is another way of creating employment. Instead of buying a background board, they appointed a man. We should avoid replacing man’s efforts with technology and machinery if we want to create jobs.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you see it improper for a person to be appointed to hold a background board when the mayor is talking? Comment below.

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