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OPINION| The winning mayors must deliver equal services to their municipalities

Perhaps to succeed, we must ditch the notion that recently elected mayors represent their parties. The moment the election and robing were concluded, they became properties of the municipality in its entirety and no more only those of their respective parties. Acting as public property is essential, acting for the public good is crucial. As a Mayor, you must take particular interest in areas where your party performed in a less than satisfactory manner. The service delivery plan must be all-encompassing and far reaching. Take a specific interest in the affairs of the downtrodden, the marginalized, the despised

Develops plans that take into account the needs of the well heeled as well they are residents and have needs as well. Become a bridge that connects communities and integrates them, become the fulcrum around which your community coalesces, be the energizer, the atomizer that sends a sweet scent to all and sundry. Be the agent of good will and know the capacities not only of your party members, and those that voted for you and your party but an agent for the good of everyone. In this manner, you will enhance your party's prospects and earn much needed good will from the community. There is nothing wrong with working in an opposition listening and delivering services. Do not punish voters for their choices be fair, spread service delivery equitable across the municipality. Smaller municipalities have an elaborate engagement plan with all government departments, and develop a comprehensive program of youth and women development

The only losses will be political. The elections are about the political office and not for administration. We are a law-governed society, and unless your contract is linked to that of the political figure head, there is no need to be unduly worried. There are different types of contractual obligations. And ordinary municipality workers will not be affected by the change of office, not even the Municipality Manager and the Chief Financial Officer, and all the executive director positions will be affected

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