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All Zimbabweans In Foreign Nations Must Go Back Home Before The 6th Of December, 2021 - Opinion

Zimbabwe's electoral commission canceled the Blitz on December 6 for voters registration. So how are young people going to register for by-election at the right time? December was perfect as the holiday season approaches, voter failure to register is a form of electoral fraud. All Zimbabweans must return to their country and exercise their franchise in order to make their country better [read more].


ZEC is an extension of Zanu pf and will most likely do everything in its power to disappoint potential voters and suppress their sentiment, but we must remain determined and focused. Zanu pf is trying to sell the propaganda that MDC A complete, but realized that it was even younger and more energetic. Dear Zimbabwe, let's put pressure on this government or we and the ER people will be on iodine without any direction. They know that people who returned in December are home and want to register to block people who return from our neighboring country. What we do today is like building a house without a foundation. In this case, we need to talk about the first thing first, how can we talk about voting in 2023 before electoral reform.

Once beaten twice shy, instead of focusing on better voting for 2023, we would have spoken to the world first about electoral platforms because voting without electoral reform is completely useless and a waste of resources. and time. They are closed because people are coming home for vacation and want to register and vote in 2023. This move is not only for young people but also for those in the diaspora. The boss' instructions are to block those who come on vacation so they can't enter

There are times when people say, as long as we can't be stubborn, because there are certain people who can't accept defeat. Civil society and the real main opposition must come together to tackle all difficult issues, however difficult, because we don't want controversial and disputed elections. In Zambia's last election in August, the new ruling party joined forces with other opposition parties and civil society to ensure that elections were conducted transparently, despite the then ruling party trying to make things difficult.


Zimbabweans should stand up and vote for a better leader in order to prevent further humiliation in foreign countries.

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