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Reasons Why children haven't been placed in school shock opinion

Panyaza explained why children haven't been placed in schools.

governments priorities are to cater for foreigners.

NOTE to government online registration doesn't work parents are fed up. The system is incompetent like the ruling party.

Where in the world does it happen that children will register for schooling and wait for placement until the school resumes, and still remain at home unplaced to any school. because all schools are full to capacity. Now its close to the end of the first term still 653 children haven't been placed

25.418 foreigners where placed in schools.

people who should be on the waiting list because they are not from here, but they are given first choice.

Children will be placed Wednesday too late, how will they catch up? How fair is this honestlyspeaking? ANC preaches education is key to success Education is important. No child should be denied education. Very disappointing from government.

Anc owes us an explanation i believe South Africans are understanding, Anc must tell us why they sacrifice us for foreigners what is this debt Owed to these countries? Why do we have to suffer and be excluded from opportunities tell us so we can understand.

We can only hope this has nothing to do with apartheid we dont owe Africa for ANC comrades who went to exile, or should i say ANC comrades who cower and went to exile. While our Great grand parents fought and lost their lives.

Apparently according to ANC they are the only ones who fought thats why they have license to destroy this country every second.

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