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More Trouble For Vice Presidents Ex Wife As Court Case Continues To Drag Despite Her Sick Health

Marry Mubaiwa who is the Zimbabwean Vice President's Ex Wife has more Trouble coming her way as her court case against her husband continues to drag despite her ill health.

Marry Mubaiwa and her Ex husband, Vice President Chiwenga, have been going in and out of Court for prolonged period.

On some court dates Marry had to be brought to the court in an ambulance because of her ill health, she also fainted on some occasions. Recently her doctor revealed that her arm would have to be amputated due to sepsis in the arm.

The court case was however postponed as there was no judge available to hear the case out 2 days ago.

This means that until a judge is found, the case will be on hold, in the mean time Marry is expected to continue her healing process.

The case will be heard on the 16th of June 2022.

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