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Pictures:This Will Go Down In History As Cyril Ramaphosa's Legacy:Opinion

Ever since Rmaphosa became president what has he achieved .What has he done that we can point out and say during his reign he buikt2 this hospital or this University .Instead many things fell apart during his reign .

Load shedding became worse, SEO's failed and were sold to private entities .Millions of people became unemployed and many people were left poverty stricken .Even he wa saying he is eradicating corruption it became worse .

Images have been circulating on social media showing places in SA which are depleting .This is due to poor management and corruption and all of this happened under the rule of Ramaphosa.See the images below

Its no doubt that Ramaphosa is the worst president South Africa has ever had .South Africans should do the wise thing this coming elections and vote out the ANC otherwise if they continue in power there wont be any country to rule in the next coming years

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