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People talk about corruption as if it is part of the ANC government

People talk about corruption as if it is part of the ANC government and at the same time give accolades to the SIU for the sterling work, it is doing against corruption as if it is not part of the ANC government. Just so we are clear, no ANC individual is deployed into government to go and commit acts of corruption on behalf of the state. People commit acts of corruption in their own individual capacity against the law and ANC policy itself. The ANC and the government benefit nothing from these acts of criminalityLet me elaborate a little, the ANC image is damaged when its deployee's engage in acts of criminality, and it's (ANC) government's capacity to deliver services is limited. The economy does not grow, people lose jobs and their livelihoods are destroyed in the process, big up to the ANC government for giving all the law enforcement agencies teeth to bite against maleficent behavior, and corruption and to recover the money stolen from the individuals concerned irrespective of their social standingFor this and many other delivery achievements made under the ANC government you and all of us have everything to celebrate, while acknowledging the weaknesses of corruption of some amongst us. For these bold steps against corruption, we are emboldened to go and vote the ANC back into power to give it more power to outdo itself in everything, it intends to achieve on behalf of the people of South Africa.

There's no one but the ANC who have the best interest of the people at heart. Let us consolidate all our votes around the people's movement, the ANC, and give it the overwhelming mandate it needs to make the necessary economic changes we all desire without being hamstrung by a divided vote, forward we go, backward never

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