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Kwena Molekwa Puts A White Woman In Her Place After She Said This About Foreigners

The issue of the foreigners in this country will always take center stage as long as the government is keeping a blind eye. Now they are acting like they don't see what is happening on the ground. The next thing, they will be saying is that they were caught off guard and formed task teams to investigate because all hell will break loose if they keep on avoiding this issue.

PutSouthAfricaFirst and Operation Dudula are not going anywhere and it is about time that people familiarize themselves with what they do. They are doing it for the marginalized of this country while politician like President Ramaphosa is calling them vigilante groups.

Kwena Molekwa put a white woman in her place after she bluntly lied on national TV that foreigners are finding it hard to get into this country. She publicly said that South Africa does not have proud borders. I suspect that she is not living in South Africa.

But she had another thing coming because Kwena Molekwa was ready for her. She told her that people like her are a problem and they keep on undermining people on the ground who knows exactly what it feels like to live in a community filled with foreigners. She should do us all the favor and take these foreigners and live with them in Sandton and see how she will feel about them after that.

South Africans are very happy about how Kwena represented them. She put her in her place and she should refrain from talking about things that she does not know anything about. In all corners of South Africa, foreigners are all there. They have businesses, they have jobs that should be occupied by South Africans and South Africans are expected to just keep quiet as if all is well. Not anymore, the people are now tired of always being told what to do and how to behave while they are the victims. Perpetrators are always protected. The law does favor the citizens of this country but some people just choose not to implement it.

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