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WATCH: Top Premier Chased Away While Campaigning For Votes- Is It Over For The ANC?


The time for the local elections is near and political parties are once again on the road to speak to the masses to get votes. However, the ANC did not have a victorious campaign during the weekend.

For one, President Cyril Ramaphosa was blocked from entering Zone 8 in Naledi, Soweto on Saturday. If that is not bad enough, the ANC campaign was distracted in many parts of Soweto as roads were blocked with rocks to make it difficult for the presidential crusade to enter.

After a difficult start, the president managed to make his voice heard and further listened to the people's grievances, and made more promises to soften the hearts of his people.

In Eastern Cape, Provincial Chairperson and Premier Oscar Mabuyane were chased away from campaigning by angry residents in Chris Hani township. Tires were burnt, and this led Mabuyane's bodyguard to take out his firearm to scare the crowd away but instead of running away, they instructed him to shoot them.


The ANC Eastern Cape has failed to deliver services to the people. People are angry. Its health department has failed to bring nurses to the townships and blames bad roads for this delay. Instead of fixing roads, ensuring that residents have a supply of clean water, Eastern Cape cadres continue to loot the funds meant for the well-being of their people.

At a campaign trail this weekend, the home of a family that lives in unbearable conditions was discovered. It is heartbreaking that this home was only discovered by cadres when campaigning for votes when the family has been living like this for as long as the ANC has been in power. They live down the road from Zuma's mansion, but they received no assistance from anyone for a long time.


Although voters have serious concerns like not having electricity for over two years and being tired of the party's empty promises, they are not aware that blocking roads, burning tires while throwing garbage to block a campaign trail will affect them negatively in the long run.

They are just making the township dirty and causing infrastructural damage to roads and facilities. Many of them are complaining but on the voting day, they are either going to vote for the ANC or not vote at all, which will end up being a waste of time and effort.


Politicians promise the citizens the moon for votes but are it sustainable? They can't build everyone in South Africa a house, there is no money.

Civic-driven governance is the only way forward. A strong civil society needs no politics in modern connected South Africa. If not, then the government should build good schools, clinics, hospitals, roads, and ensure that there is affordable water and electricity.

Politicians must promise the masses things that they are supposed to do, not a pie in the sky or they will continue being chased away by the people.

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