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'The Giant Has Fallen', Ramaphosa pays His Tribute; "It is Denis's ANC"

Stalwart Denis Goldberg is a great activist who sacrificed His life to ensure equality for all. Hence, president Cyril Ramaphosa paid His tribute for a token of appreciation for Goldberg to stay loyal to ANC The African National Congress. Ramaphosa is appreciating for Goldberg's late struggle saying that his principles of duty are as relevant today as they where when he fought for the liberation of oppressed South Africans.

It is unfortunate for Mr Goldberg who died on aged 87, His virtual memorial was held on Friday 8 May with different fellow comrades and friends zooming in from different countries. However, Ramaphosa mourned for three days from 1 May to 4 May 2020, remembering Denis's lifelong sense of doing "what must be done". Ramaphosa stated that; "Despite his statue as a fighter in the liberation, he was unassuming, humble and kind, He loved South Africa and its people." He went on saying that; "When we speak of him, let us not relegate him to a long lost past. He is present with us. Speak of him as a member of a long line of principled leaders." Indeed, Ramaphosa is touched with His passing, evryone knew him would be o touched too. He served the country and stayed true to us. He never declared us not being part of him irrespective of the color, race, ethnicity etc.

The Giant has fallen, whom shall we lean on or seek for advice when it gets tough? "Death Be not Proud", you always sneak around and steal our loved one while we are still not remembering about you. How can you be cruel and tyrant?Being greed and heartless is of you. If we are to ask you one question, would you reply us? Why are you making us orphans when we are still rejoicing as a one big lovely family? Well, I guess it is time. Ramaphosa used this opportunity to remember His passionate dedication to the ANC as he was loyal to it for his entire life. Cyril added by saying;

" He loved the ANC and surrendered his youth to supporting its mission. He never renounced his faith in the organisation even after its many mistakes. He wanted to see it thrive and prosper, learning from its mistakes and correcting them. His unerring optimism that things will get better never failed him."

The ANC now been declared it is Dennis's ANC. However, South Africa shall be left with his words on conquering the Covid-19 virus crisis; "What is right, must be done." Miss me but let me go. We shall always remember you and your presence would be felt as it shall remain within us. Go Tough Guy, your part is been played and we shall thank you eternally. Go and rest, go be with your Angels above us. We know you shall light unto us and sent the strongest Angel to fight for our battles.

Rest In Power, Rest In Peace "Tata Denis Goldberg"

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