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OPINION| The President Has Been Released by the Military Junta

Deposed Guinean dictator, Alpha Condé, in a picture released by the military junta that is holding him after the coup, nothing lasts forever for ALL corrupt dictatorships rooted in abusing State institutions. Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya led the coup on Sunday that removed Alpha Condé.

How much I wish these dictators could respect the rule of law and pave way for smooth power handover, rather than wait till the army use force.Coups are perilous. A lesson to be learned by our own dictator who thinks has the title deeds of this country 

I think we must fight coups in Africa by surrendering power whenever someone win, this thing of African leaders perceiving themselves as demagogues is a real problem that will only embarrass them one day, and tarnish their history even tho they tarnished their names themselves to a certain point

I'm normally against millitary coups but our situation has reached another level, tge army must do something because these old men are dragging us back each and every day, the citizens will support them as before. We have suffered enough

Under whatever circumstances let's not celebrate a coup because people's freedoms will be trampled more. Nothing is good under a military junta but in order to win the hearts of the masses it will preach redemption, from the grips of a dictator for the masses but with time democratic space will start shrinking and regrets creeping in

Some reasons why dictators overstay in power according to my own pseudo unpublished research are:-

Little or no retirement incentive, they see themselves as invincible therefore wanting to be presidents for life. Corruption and impunity to their benefit becomes the norm and they see anyone who wants to take state power as a threat

Fear of prosecution for genius crimes if they retire, loss of power equals loss of uninterrupted access to the national purse and USDs, they overstay saying they have unfinished business of fighting white imperialistic agenda and lies

To keep enjoy traveling around the world in private jets and enjoy the benefits of a state president. And also enjoy eating state loans that the young people will ave to pay with resources many years later, to them no one benefits to take over leadership except themselves

The more they stay the more they stash millions of stolen monies in banks HQ'd in Asian Capitals, because they are too power drunk they can't imagine their life not being president. Also the institutions are too weak and easily manipulated to keep them in power at all costs. If systems where strong enough, it was going to help them get ousted when their second term has been reached

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