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OPINION| After listening to Malema's speech I can admit that EFF has intelligent leadership

South Africans, were you listening to CIC, he was spilling the beans EFF upset the DA and the ANC pact that Helen Zille spelled out in that secret deal. Actually, EFF saved us from wts ruling in 2024 by forcing them to govern at a small local government scale, without their consent. No wonder Helen Zille and John are crying despite winning, this is politics at a very high level

At EFF we have intelligent leadership that works hand in hand and that tolerate each other, no matter how difficulties they met some other times but our leadership conquered, all those obstacles and hills and the mountains now each and everyone sees where we are really going to, I salute you all Economic Freedom Fighters. That is why he is a commander in chief political genius, CIC is very brilliant he knows very well what is he doing, remember he started politics at very young age

In EFF we are led by leaders who have brains it was a wise move to command Metsimaholo Major to resign, the fact is the EFF leadership saw a trap for a failure that many people won't see. The Municipality have 46 seats, the EFF has 12 seats, Da 12, ANC 16 and the remaining seats goes to other opposition parties which are close allies of the ANC. The mayoral position given to the EFF was actually a political strategy that was meant to destabilize, the integrity of the organization. Always when command in chief talking truth, those who doesn't want truth they become upset I dnt know why, because Anc expel Julius in 2012 what do you expect. After the presser where CIC clarified the political influences that affected our stance, I'm happy that my analysis of why we voted the way we did was spot on. Also how I analysed why DA is not jumping with joy at winning so much, is on point. They fell into a trap, they didn't want most of these Metros at all. Now they are a minority government, hard to manoeuvre. I trust the leadership to play the political chess game well, we are led

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