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Top ANC Leader Says No to Deputy President Position, But There's A Great Reason Why

Date: 24/01/22



The whole of South Africa is well aware of the fact that 2022 is the year for elections in the African national congress. It is said that a very big election event is going to take place in December that will see the African National Congress elect its new top six and all the other upcoming leaders.

This isn't prepared for the 2024 government elections. There have been names that were revealed about who the presidential candidates were but now the deputy presidency. One candidate who was rumoured to be one of the candidates revealed why he wouldn't be one.


Geese Mantashe, who is part of the ANC top 6, was said to be one of the candidates for the deputy president position. He was interviewed earlier this week and he revealed that he won't be doing any of that and when the president retires, he will also retire. Below are his exact words

"Anybody will know I do not want to be the deputy president. I think the deputy president must be a younger and more energetic person who is also considered for succession. I am old, When the president retires, I will retire as well. Why should I chase a position for the sake of a position?”


What Gwede Mantashe has revealed makes proper sense to most South Africans. Many citizens have already complained about the age of politicians being too much. If he sees this age problem, he should suggest it to the whole African national Congress and make sure that young politicians are being selected. If every member of the ANC could see that they are old, the political crisis would be solved in no time.

What is your take on the matter?

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