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OPINION| The DA Must Stop Focusing Ramaphosa's Party When Campaigning

Only the DA is big enough to beat the ANC and stop corruption, we'll outline the next strong action that we are set to take against the likes of Premier Oscar Mabuyane ~ Democratic AlliancePolitics of race can exhibit stupefying ignorance It goes like this, the DA promotes white interests it protects white owed wealth. Then the question arises, how are white interests different to black interests? Lest we forget, it is the DA that pursued Zuma until the 2009 corruption charges were reinstated. (We know who in the first place pressurized the NPA to drop them so Zuma could become president)It was DA leader Mmusi Maimane who is responsible for the Zondo commission (the ANC had blocked all efforts in parliament to have various cases of maladministration in several SOEs, like PRASA, SABC and Transnet, investigated) Does it mean that only white people are opposed to corruption and, conversely, black people, as represented by the ANC, embrace it? Of course not, the ANC is not black peopleIf truth be told, the ANC finds it easier to take money from infrastructure projects meant for poor black communities than those in more affluent urban areas or corporates. Logically, it is black people who need protection from the ANC, the DA protects white wealth from whom or what? As far as I know there is no policy or legislation to dispossess white people. We have a progressive income tax system whereby the whole 50 mill who earn less than R6,500pm are exempt. 

The middle classes subsidize the poor, who receive free basic services and housing the poor don't pay property tax. Where it governs, the DA implements these policies better than the ANC itself, which conceptualized these cross subsidization measures. If your head is spinning, I won't blame you, race politics is a joke. But on a serious note, the DA must stop focusing on other parties when campaigning, that only leads to animosity towards the DA amongst voters

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