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Dangers of voting MDC and Zanu pf

For the past years I have been realizing a massive increase in domination of one tribe within the sectors of the economy at the expense of other tribes. In all Zimbabwean regions non Shona tribes have been relegated to Spectator's just cause of tribal politics being pushed by both Zanu pf and MDC. If Zanu pf and MDC were genuine political parties representing everyone equally, the current trend could have led to questions being asked by these politicians But they will both never do it as a way of keeping their majority voters happy at the expense of disgruntled few non Shona supporters. Analyzing the current trend in Zimbabwe I came to a conclusion, that Zanu pf is not the only problem we are facing. As a country Zanu pf might be seen as our enemy number one but when it comes to equality Zanu pf is not the only problem we are facing especially as minority, tribes in Zimbabwe. The major problem we are facing is the Appathierd system in Zimbabwe I checked the composition of all Zimbabwean National teams. Cricket, football, Rugby, netball, Then check employment trends in all sectors of the economy both private and public and I realised that the problem in Zimbabwe is not only Zanu pf. I asked my self that if the exclusion of all non Shona tribes in most of the sectors in Zimbabwe, tribalism is blamed on Zanu pf, Does it mean that even the management of companies both private and public are also members of Zanu pf, Is Zanu pf the only part pushing tribalism in Zimbabwe or it's the system? What makes Matebeleland have more than 90% of its employees be people from Mashonaland, but go to Mashonaland 99% -100% are people from Mashonaland. Who has to ask and check the open injustice. Majority of especially people from Matebeleland have never been formerly employed in Zimbabwe. The last generation of Matebeleland people to be employed in large numbers was done during the colonial era. Since 1980 there has been an intentionally exclusion of Matebeleland people in all employment opportunities After asking my self I then concluded that in Zimbabwe as long as we are United under Zanu pf and MDC some tribes their conditions will never improve but will remain marginalized. Very soon teams like Highlanders it will be 100% shona people . What is the Solution? United politics wont work but will perpetrate marginalisation of non Shona tribe. Each and every region or tribes must unite themselves. And demand prioritisation of their locals in all economic activities within their regions. Be employment or owning the means of production, unnit in Zimbabwe will never benefit other tribes. Everyone must wake up we rather have ten different political parties, but that genuinely represent their own regions

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