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'Is this how ANC wants Tourists to see South Africa ? - OPINION

How the ANC Wants Tourists to See SA. I am horrified to see the condition of the Pietermaritzburg Tourism Hub Public Toilets. 1 toilet out of 15 works, blocked toilets, some were filthy, flies, maggots, a stench worse than Magashule’s a$$-crack after a night of wh*ringHand Basin out of order, no Seats on toilets, no cleaning material on site, no PPE, no santiser on site. 

R24,5 million spent on tourism hub with non-functioning toilets? Honestly should I really be surprised as the cadres transform SA into a sh*th .ole

We have the best policies but one of the greediest self centered officials. The community leaders need to explain this to those who are not aware, of what the truth is or have been lied to. Change has to come otherwise we will be looking for jobs in Zimbabwe

We must stand together its getting worse, and worse common we get the ball rolling to have a better SA ,we all need to stand together no matter who or what color we are

Under this government SA will become a disaster republic. I am advocating for a Rise Up against this corrupt government, all liberals please stand up

My Opinion

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