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This Zimbabwean community Ambulance causes a stir on the internet.

Zimbabwe is a country suffering economical crisis and is probably one of the most poorest countries in the world , the country doesn't have it's own currency , the situation is so bad as we saw a few months ago the roads were heavily damaged by the heavy rainfall and no measures are taken to rectify the situation , the education and the health care system is collapsing ,the situation is so bad that is why Zimbabweans are scattered allover the world as they seek greener pastures , currently there is crisis in the beitbridge border post the Zimbabwean are stranded in large numbers as they try to enter South Africa.

By the look of things it's gonna get worse before it gets better , there is a picture circulating over the internet and social media platforms of a Zimbabwean community Ambulance , in which the villagers converted a scotch cart into an Ambulance , a scotch cart is usually pulled by donkeys or cows , this happened at Clinic in Mberengwa constituency in Zimbabwe, that clearly sures the health care system has collapsed down to it's knees , to an extent that the rural community had to convert a scotch cart into an ambulance to transport the sick because the government can't provide , hopefully the covid 19 doesn't spread much into that country because there will be serious disaster.

The picture above it's the Zimbabwean qualified nurse standing next to the community Ambulance outside Jeka clinic in Mberengwa.👆

The wealth of a nation sits on minerals Zimbabwe is a country blessed with a lot minerals like Gold , Diamond , Platinum , Chrome , and Coal that is a lot of wealth , one would wonder why a country with so much interms of natural resources , how does it come to be one of the poorest countries in the world where is all the minerals money going , the Zimbabwean government has to do something to take care of its citizens.


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