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Lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations are not essential in South Africa (OPINION)

There are no words that can best describe how the people of South Africa are in misery resulting from affliction right now. To be honest, something needs to be done. There has to be drastic measures taken by the president of South Africa.

Due to corona virus and the lockdowns, most companies had to close down for they were no longer lucrative. People who were breadwinners got retrenched and this implies that families are currently starving. The school fees are no longer getting paid because the very same people who were paying the school fees are jobless.

The government tried to lend people a helping hand by giving people the food parcels and devising grants (Social Relief of Distress grants) for unemployed people. Regarding the food parcels, some of the people who were appointed to distribute the food parcels allegedly sold them. The saddest part is that the poor people of South Africa had to buy them and due to financial constraints they were unable to afford them.

Regrettably, some parents had to move their kids from private schools to the state owned schools.

Lockdowns are no longer essential because the economy of the country is suffering. What Cyril Ramaphosa need to do is to fully open the economy. Do not get me wrong; I am not saying people also have to stop wearing masks. They still have to wear masks and practice the social distancing even when the country is no longer under a lockdown.

The mandatory vaccinations are also not necessary. It is the same as coercing people to do what they do not want to do. People still pass away even after receiving the corona virus jabs.

No one was ever forced to take flu vaccinations. Why now should the people be forced to take vaccines. It is not fair at all.

Do you think the country still need to go under a lockdown? Do you also think people should be forced to take vaccines?

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