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Here Is Proof That South African Police Are Useless And Uneducated - OPINION

The way that a South African female police carried her gun shocked a lot of people and proved that South African police are as hopeless as they are made out to be.

Police are one of the most disrespected people in South Africa. Their occupation is looked down on because they don’t have tertiary education and only need a Matric certificate to get the job.

Police are also disrespected because most of them are corrupt and don’t do their jobs at all. Every person has a story about how they were disappointed at a police station because the police didn’t do their job.

A picture of a policewoman incorrectly carrying her gun. The gun is facing upwards, which is absolutely dangerous. At any point, the gun may fire and she could get injured or even lose her life.

This is how a gun is supposed to be carried:

The picture didn’t really shock a lot of people, because something so careless is definitely going to be down by one of our police. How to carry a gun is one of the basics that are thought at the police academies.

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